This where it starts

Hello! I’m a pencil enthusiast. This might not mean a lot to most people who read these first lines, but it means worlds to me. But lets start at the beginning and with an apology: I’m not a native english speaker, so my english might seem wrong at times or will just be plain wrong. I hope I can minimize this in the future as I get used to writing it more often.

So this is my blog and it will be about pencils, mostly. I plan on doing reviews of pencils, old and new ones. I’m an art teacher and consider myself as being a “drawer” more than a painter. I got quite a collection of new and old wooden pencils and I thought I’d share my findings and experiences with those on the following pages.

My first review that I’ll write in the near future will be about the Faber-Castell “Dessin 2001”. A pencil you can buy at your local supermarket. As I said before this blog will be mostly about pencils, but you can’t write about pencils and ignore the sharpeners and erasers, so there’ll be posts about these too. And I’m also always on the lookout for unusual things related to office and art stuff, so there’ll be some curiosity posts too. I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and hope you’ll find useful information.


    1. Thanks alot! You must know that you are responsible to some extent for this geekery. Without PencilRevolution I wouldn’t even know that there’ s a pencil blogosphere!

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I am also interested in pencils, but also have other topics like typewriters and fountain pens on my blog. (http://coolstuff4819.blogspot.com)

    I read your review of the Dessin 2001 and as a user of the Dessin 2000, it works well for writing notes in class and doing homework problems (I’m a sophomore in college), but I’m no artist. I agree with you though, that eraser really ruins the design of the pencil.

    Nice photos and awesome blog, keep writing and drawing!

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