Geekery: Midori Multiple Ruler

So as I said when I started this blog, I also want to talk about the things I find that I find particularly cool and interesting but always things that still belong to the realm of pencils. I’ll call these posts geekeries, because well that’s what they are.
Today I’ll show you the Midori Multiple Ruler. I wasn’t aware of these transformer rulers, but I think they are pretty usefull because they fit into a normal pencil-case but can be extended. The Midori looks closed like a very pretty black (they exist in silver) 15 cm ruler.

But it can be unfolded to 30 cm. Isn’t that just brilliant! And it still looks gorgeous.

As a little plus you can unfold it by certain degrees, but there’s no click or so, you just have to try to get the desired angle, neat trick, but not very accurate.

As you can see there’s even an inch ruler hidden in the folded Midori and the first 5 cm also give guides for 0,5 mm. The unfolding feels really good, not too stiff, nor too loose, it exhales quality, although the ends of the rulers show the bare aluminium. Great geekery that already has its place in my oversized Dr.Ion.


    1. I just own the ruler, so I’m not sure about the quality of the bulletpen. But considering the quality of the ruler, I think you can’t be mistaken by getting it. By taking a look at their other products it seems they are all about brass.

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