Still here.

Just wanted to point out that I’m still active and alive if anybody was wondering, but that my time with drawing has been drastically reduced due to some inflamed tendons in my right shoulder. This is a bit of a nightmare as the doctor said that there is a risk of that becoming chronic. So I’m resting my arm as much as possible and being a father of an one-and-half year old son does not make it easier to not strain my shoulder. I’ll be having a arthroscan this month and probably some major kinestherapy after that.

On the pencilside of things I recently acquired the whole set of Tombow Irojiten Coloured Pencil, but haven’t touched them yet. There are some more items I received I’d like to review for you. And there’s already a review for the Mono100 that’s still in draft state, but which I’ll most certainly post this week! So keep reading, keep drawing and keep being curious!


  1. On the basis of your posting about the 100 year anniversary of Tombow, I ordered a set of the “Drawing TOM BOW. HB” pencils and think they are top quality. I also ordered a copy of the anniversary booklet and they sent it to me right away. From Georgia! I also ordered the ippo pencil sharpener, which is also first quality. Well worth the money. The booklet is beautifully printed. Thanks for the info.
    Wilburn Newcomb

  2. Hi readydot, I’m sorry to hear about your shoulder. When you’re up to it, I hope to see the finished drawing of your scarecrow sketch which was absolutely fantastic, full of life and menace, and also hope to see your review of Mitsubishi Hi-Uni. What is this Tombow anniversary booklet that Wilburn Newcomb mentions? I hope I can find where to get one online. By the way, your english is outstanding. It is so idiomatic for the most part I never would have guessed you are a non-native user (I assumed you were American).

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