Review: Staedler Pencil Holder 900 25


Pencil Holders are a pencil-lovers best friends, because they help you getting the most out of your beloved pencils. So I had been looking for pencil-holders for some time and bought some from Derwent which are quite nice simple stubby things that are too light and short for my gusto. Biggest complaint is that they can destroy the lacquer of pencils like the Mitsubishi Hi-Uni, especially on the top. (The MONO100 you see in the piture below wears the marks of the Derwent) So browsing through my at that time newly discovered Jetpens site, I discovered the Staedler 900 25. At first by looking at it (and its price) I thought this is like a luxury model of a pencil holder, but I couldn’t be more wrong. It is not a luxury item, it has become an absolute essential item in my arsenal. I have three now, including the strikingly beautiful blue Limited Edition.

The price of 30$ is in fact a bargain. The 900 25 does everything right: it’s large enough for most pencils (7,5mm round/triangular/hexagonal), it closes firmly (no budging), yet it does this softly on the lacquer (no nasty bruises), it feels heavy enough without being to hefty, doesn’t slip with its knurled grip and it’s super-useful with its small dial so you can see what kind of pencil is in the holder. And it has an even more useful eraser with sorts of a protection (you screw it down to show the eraser, and screw it up to protect the rest). A colleague of mine tested one recently and he has immediately ordered a bunch too. Another thing I like to do is putting the pencil the wrong way in, so that it is protected, perfect for freshly sharpened points. I looked at other models of pencil-holders but none can compete with the feature set of the 900 25 and don’t get me started on the dreadful “Perfect Pencil” pencil holder, whose mid-priced version comes at the same price as the 900 25. Conclusion: Get it!



  1. Nice review. I agree with everything you say. The Derwents are OK and the larger version will take my pastel and charcoal pencils which are too big for the Staedtler. The Perfect Pencil is just a bit too short to be much use as an extender and too heavy on a longer pencil. I’ve had two of the aluminium ones and both sharpeners were pretty useless.
    The only thing I find with the Staedtler is that triangular pencils are a bit wobbly, but I don’t have many so that’s not a problem. Do you anything about the extender from Kutsuwa? I believe it a push button action and jaws like a lead holder.

    1. Thank you. The sharpener of the Perfect Pencil are indeed useless, ass is the whole contraption. I have no triangular pencil I could try on the Staedtler, will have to try that out. The Kutsuwa will be ordered immediately! Thanks a lot for the tip!

      1. This comes as a relief – I have thought I was just acting stupid with the sharpener of the Perfect Pencil. First it has worked indifferently but all of a sudden it stopped working. I haven’t found out why so I have discarded the whole contraption.

  2. Oops – I forgot to ask something: The silver 900 25 is 1800 Yen in Japan which is about 18 USD. Has the blue one really been so expensive?

  3. Think I bought it on Cultpens and not on Jetpens, just discovered it there but I think it was out of stock at the time. But yes, that was the price I payed.

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