1. I don’t want to spoil the party but I am still puzzled by the fact that virtually no one looks closely at both the pencils and the enclosed booklet of these sets and notices the oddness …

      1. Despite the fact that several noble woods are mentioned in the booklets Caran d’Ache doesn’t say clearly that the pencils are actually made from these woods. It’s the customer who draws the conclusion that the noble woods have been used but to me there is evidence that this is not the case. If you weigh the pencils you will notice that the the lightest to the heaviest relate as 1:1.3 while the specific density of the mentioned woods relate as 1:3; this doesn’t correspond. Besides that, the pencils have no noticeable scent; at least one or the other should have one if they were made from real wood. The booklets of the second and the fourth set mention “reconstituted wood”, and in connection with the name ALPI which is mentioned on the websites of some retailers of these sets I have the impression that the pencils are actually made from wood sheets which are dyed and glued together. To find out more I have cooked one and the layers came apart. I can’t accuse Caran d’Ache of deception – they don’t say “are mde of” – but I would prefer a different presentation and description of the pencils.

      2. Hm, I’m sorry you are taking this like that, but I was always aware that this pencils were “constructed” and that the names were mainly made up to describe something they are not in reality. I never felt as being deceived by Caran.

      3. This is a very sensible approach! After reading about CdA’s success with unusual woods and having used the 348 I didn’t had the idea that they have used something different than real wood. In other words: I have deceived myself but CdA made it easy for me 😉

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