Pencil Buyers Beginner’s “guide” (Part 3: Update)


Following my recent posts about where to buy pencils some readers have suggested other places on the net for the pencil buying customer. So to make this series complete I’ll post these suggestions here. These are not “tested” by me, but I trust my geeky readership!

Pedro suggested Pencils.com in the States. Now this is a brilliant suggestion, because that site is not only very dedicated in all things “pencils”, but also sports very interesting infos about pencils and they have an interesting blog too. As opposed to what I wrote it seems Pedro hadn’t as much chance with import taxes as I had. It seems that maybe some countries are fiercer in getting their taxes…

johnthemonkey and Sapphire suggested pencils4artists.co.uk. If you are looking for european brands, this seems to be an excellent shop. They also have MONO100’s.

johnthemonkey suggested additional british shops:

fredaldous.co.uk/art-shop/ has a nice selection of pencils. The Derwent Watersoluble Sketching Pencils caught my eye.. (*Shopping*)

A limited, but fine selection can be found at http://www.whsmith.co.uk/.

And another selection can be found at http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/.

But as was also suggested: support your local dealers!


  1. Perhaps coincidentally, I bought a couple of the Derwent watersoluble pencils on my last trip to Fred Aldous – yet to try them though.

    Even more coincidentally, they turned up on Episode 4 of “The Big Painting Challenge” in the section where one of the judges demonstrates sketching moving forms (the blue “wave” at the dipped end of the pencil is quite distinctive).

    Derwent have some really interesting watersoluble media in their range, from the “Inktense” pencils, which become richer in colour, and overpaintable after brushing with water) to the Graphitint range of toned graphite pencils.

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