1. Fantastic! Amazing! Unbelievable… This are the only words that come to me to see this 7 perfectly conserved Faber-Castell Janus sharpener No. 4048. As fair as I know, this is the next model from the A.W. Faber Janus No. 4046, which also has a scale engraved, as a kind of logo of the company at that time… A real treasure. Let me introduce myself, My name is Daniel, I am a passionate collector of ancient writing instruments, and starting today a follower of your site. I also start a site dedicated to pencils, pencil sharpeners, technical pens and lead holders , I hope you can visit it: http://arch-antique.blogspot.mx (in Spanish at the moment, will be translated soon)

    It is always a pleasure to find people who is interested on this kind of beautiful items…


  2. Hi! I recently acquired an A.W. Faber Janus no. 4046 with a lot of other markings on it. (made in Bavaria!) The font used is very dated and I haven’t found one with this old lettering. It is in excellent condition and I love the way it sharpens my pencils! I am wondering, however, how to sharpen the blade or find replacement blades. I would love to know more about my Janus too. Like what are the little arrows on the blade for? Thank you!

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