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Troc’N’Brol 2018

As every year, two weeks before Hanuka, the Rotondes are ablaze with creativity from all corners of the Grand Duchy. As I skipped last two editions, because the format had changed, we’re back to the old-school “one-night” formula for this year. 

What is the Troc? Imagine an auction, but you don’t auction with money, you write something you’d like to exchange for the artwork on a post-it and put it besides the desired work. Later in the evening the artist will choose one propostion and the exchange will take place. Don’t ever propose a Tiramisu…

I’ll be participating this year with some drawings on wood. Every year my problem was that the proposed things were not weighing enough against the propositions, so I often chose something from somebody I knew, or I didn’t accept any proposition (which is not against the rules). This year my works don’t hold as much sentimental value and I’ll let them go more easily… well, that’s the plan. 

The Troc is also a kind of barometer for your work. When you get alot of post-its is like receiving likes on Instagram. So it hurts a bit if you get few or no post-its, but that’s part of the game. No risk, no fun, eh?

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