Troc’N’Brol 2019 (10th anniversary edition!)

So this is kind of a repost from last years post on the troc. I’m still not as active as I could be, because… well, because.

As every year, two weeks before Hanuka, the Rotondes are ablaze with creativity from all corners of the Grand Duchy. As I skipped last two editions, because the format had changed, we’re back to the old-school “one-night” formula for this year. 

What is the Troc? Imagine an auction, but you don’t auction with money, you write something you’d like to exchange for the artwork on a post-it and put it besides the desired work. Later in the evening the artist will choose one propostion and the exchange will take place. Don’t ever propose a Tiramisu…

The Troc is also a kind of barometer for your work. When you get alot of post-its is like receiving likes on Instagram. So it hurts a bit if you get few or no post-its, but that’s part of the game. No risk, no fun, eh?

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